Trifon's Pizza, Your Growth Opportunity

Clearly, the market for pizza and pasta is still growing at an astonishing rate.  Aggressive franchisors have taken steps to serve the growing demand and reap handsome profits.  Trifon's Pizza plans have centered around establishing pizza and Italian food restaurants in food courts, take out and delivery and full serve restaurants.  Many existing malls are currently being expanded and new ones built, generally involving the establishment of a food court.  Our successful and professional approach has resulted in major developers across the country desiring restaurants as an ideal tenant for their malls.

Our Growth is Linked to Yours

We take the attitude that every store is a corporate store.  If we wouldn't invest in it ourselves, we would not franchise it.  To ensure the success of our restaurants, we ensure that you are properly trained and supported.  The same approach is taken in selecting each and every franchise, thereby providing the entire chain with the opportunity to succeed to its maximum potential.
Selectivity in awarding franchises is one of the chief reasons we feel Trifon's Pizza will continue to succeed.  Franchise applications must reach our rigid qualifications.
We are looking for potential franchisees who can clearly demonstrate that they want to achieve at an outstanding rate of success.  Restaurant experience is not necessary, but is a definite asset.  A love of the food industry ensures quality and customer service which are important elements.  Our training program will provide you with the knowledge you need to become a highly successful restaurant owner.  We are not looking for people who merely wish to make a good investment, but for people who will put their heart and soul into their restaurant.  These people will measure their returns as well as independence, happiness, pride, accomplishment, security and freedom.

Ingredients for Growth

Recipes for good Italian food are just the beginning.  Trifon's Pizza's proven recipe for success will enable you to achieve benefits from your franchise.  Going into a business for yourself is a major decision.  Acquiring a franchise from a successful, well established organization can help make your decision a lot easier.  Our franchisees will benefit from our time tested program which covers all aspects of establishing and managing a Trifon's Pizza franchise.


A critical key to your success is your location.  Perhaps our most important strength is our ability to provide our franchisees with prime locations.  Our Real Estate people are actively seeking choice locations.  In many cases, we will negotiate the lease, and as a Trifon's Pizza franchisee, you will execute the standard sub-lease agreement.

Restaurant Design and Construction

Our restaurants range in size from 350 – 6000 square feet.  Restaurants are designed to maximize sales.  Equipment is strategically laid out to optimize space and efficiency.  Store colors and front-line design are carefully created keeping in mind visual impact and our customers' discriminating tastes.


Trifon's Pizza provides a comprehensive training program to its franchisees.  Our training program begins with actual experience in an existing Trifon's Pizza restaurant.  During your training, you will earn everything from recipes, food preparation, portion control and quality control to staff training and scheduling.  We will teach you how to manage your cash and maintain efficient and accurate sales reports, employee and expense records.  We assist by providing you with standard, easy to complete forms.  You will always know just how well you are doing!  Finally, Trifon's Pizza representatives will spend the opening week with you to ensure a successful start to your new independence.

Professional Advice

Even with intensive training, you are likely to have questions.  If you feel like you would like to discuss an issue, we are as close as your telephone.  As a Trifon's Pizza franchisee, you will have the knowledge, support and experience of the entire organization behind you.  We are happy to give you practical advice throughout your years in business as a Trifon's Pizza franchisee.

Restaurant Management Professionals

Several times during a year, our Restaurant Management Professionals will visit all Trifon's Pizza locations.  We closely monitor performance of the chain at the most important level – the consumer level.  These visits, together with the experience, enables us to rapidly determine and accommodate the evolving needs of our customers.


The Trifon's Pizza name and familiar logo are valuable assets and are owned by Trifon's Pizza Restaurants Limited.  As a Trifon's Pizza franchisee, you have the right to use these assets.  Furthermore, we will protect these trademarks from any infringement on their legal use.


Trifon's Pizza has an established "one-stop shop" purchasing system in place.  You will not only benefit from our rigid quality standards but also from our volume buying power.

Trifon's Pizza provides you with the opportunity to maximize your potential.

Investment Required

The cost of building a Trifon's Pizza restaurant can vary depending on size, location, leasehold improvements, etc.  The total investment of a Trifon's Pizza franchise is approximately $85,000 - $800,000.  The one time only franchise fee is absolutely nothing, we want you to succeed.  A franchisee should be able to provide a minimum of approximately $50,000 - $80,000 in the form of unencumbered cash from his/her own resources.  Trifon's Pizza does not provide any financing itself, however, it will assist you in obtaining financing, the preparation of a bank proposal, the arranging of an appointment with a lending institution, and will also ensure that applicable Federal and Provincial loans are available to you.

Points of Interest

  1. Food costs have been conservatively estimated at 33% of sales.  Actual experience indicates food costs may well lie in the 29% - 30% range.  Trifon's Pizza continuously reviews methods of cost reduction while maintaining its primary objective of offering high quality meals.
  2. Paper products represent approximately 5% of sales.
  3. The franchisee is responsible for contributing 2.0% of gross sales (N/A if less than 5 locations in one centre) to the National Advertising Fund, and spending a mandatory additional 2% on local advertising and promotions.
  4. Salaries, excluding the owner's and manager's compensation, are approximately 14% of sales but vary from location to location.
  5. Occupancy costs vary from location to location.  You are responsible for a fixed base rent plus additional rent.
  6. Utilities are approximately 2% of sales (subject to change).
  7. Workmen's Compensation is calculated by the Saskatchewan board at 2.75% (subject to change) of salaries.  This may vary from time to time and from province to province.

Questions and Answers

The following are answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. Does Trifon's Pizza require its franchisee to be actively involved in their store?

    Yes.  Trifon's Pizza restaurants thrive on the input and motivation that only an owner-operator can provide.  It is important that you understand all aspects of the business and are capable of performing all functions.  Your ability to motivate and retain capable employees is one of the keys to your growth.

  2. Can a Trifon's Pizza franchisee own more than one location?

    Yes.  A franchisee who has demonstrated success in operating a profitable Trifon's Pizza will be eligible for new franchise opportunities.

  3. What is the term of the franchise agreement?

    The initial term and renewal terms coincide with the terms of the Lease.

  4. What does the franchise fee cover?

    Your franchise fee provides you with a license to operate a Trifon's Pizza franchise within our proven program for success.  In addition, the franchise fee includes site analysis and selection, lease negotiation, initial set up of suppliers, intensive training and use of trademarks and administrative systems for recording all sales and expenses.

  5. What is the royalty fee?

    In realization of the on-going services provided to franchisees, you will pay a royalty fee of 5% of gross sales, monthly.

  6. What does the on-going royalty fee cover?

    Trifon's Pizza management is constantly reviewing its operations and marketing effectiveness in light of the changing needs of its customers and the constantly evolving competitive environment.  New products are thoroughly tested for taste, quality, and ease of preparation before the recipe is passed on to franchisees.  Our Restaurant Management Professionals periodically visit each location to review operation's success, examine quality control procedures, and offer any assistance needed.  On a regular basis, all franchisees are provided with up to date records of their profit performance.

  7. Once I have signed the franchise agreement and sublease, how long is it until I can open my restaurant?

    Once you have possession of the premises, we begin constructing the leasehold improvements and installing the equipment.  Within 30 – 60 days you should be able to open for business and start serving your customers.

  8. I would like to acquire a Trifon's Pizza franchise.  What is the next step?

    The number of franchises available is limited.  Please complete the Prospective Franchisee Personal Information Form.pdf and send it in to us as soon as possible. 

You could be our next successful Trifon's Pizza franchisee!!!